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Frequently Asked Questions

How many meal and rest breaks am I entitled to at work?
  • If you work over 10 hours a day, you are entitled to 2 meals and 3 rest breaks.  If you work a regular 8 hour shift, you are entitled to 1 meal and 2 rest breaks.
What if my employer doesn't pay me the day I get fired?
  • When you are fired from work, your employer is required to pay all your wages and vacation on the same day.  If you received your final wages after your termination date, you have a right to claim one day of wages for every day the check is late up to 30 days.
Can my employer round the hours that I work?
  • Employers often round your time entries to the quarter hour.  It is illegal for an employer to round the hours you work one way or in a manner that always shortchanges the employee.
Am I entitled to mileage reimbursement for work related driving?
  • If you drive your car for company business such as bank deposits and picking up goods, you are entitled to be reimbursed for the use of your car.  The IRS rate for reimbursement is $0.54 per mile.