The law offices of Sahag Majarian II is a law firm dedicated to helping Californians with their legal needs.

Sahag Majarian II

Sahag Majarian II

Founder & Lead Attorney

Sahag Majarian graduated from Loyola Law School in 1989.  He has over 28 years of experience representing consumers and employees against large corporations.  Most of the clients represented by Mr. Majarian are working class individuals whose rights have been violated at work or in their daily lives.  Mr. Majarian is passionate about representing the average person in an effort to tip the scales and balance the rights of the powerless against the powerful.  He has found that the class-action mechanism is the best avenue to help large number of individuals achieve justice in a single action.

Experience that Counts

During our 25 years of practice, we have handled cases in limited areas of law.

  • Labor Law Cases 75%
  • Insurance Cases 10%
  • Consumer Cases 15%
  • Class-Action Cases 90%

California Law Firm

We litigate cases from San Diego to Sacramento and all cities in between.

Forward Thinking

If your case is too small for other firms, we will gladly evaluate the possibilities for you.

Privacy Concerns?

We want to hear your concerns about your personal information being shared illegally on social media.

Client Support

Our dedicated staff is here to assist with all your concerns both in English and Spanish.